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Mobility Services

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As the mobility landscape continues to rapidly evolve, it can become difficult to keep up

To combat this, SBD has created the Mobility Services Guide. Released quarterly, this series keeps you up-to-date on mobility services across Europe, China, and the USA. Everything you need to know, including a breakdown of specific business models, availability by region, partners, service architecture, pricing, features offered, and customer flow.

How are automotive OEMs getting involved in the mobility space?

Dozens of companies have now launched mobility solutions, with this number expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. With so many services available, often with only subtle differences in business models and experiences, distinguishing between providers has become increasingly difficult.

Based on in-depth research, SBD has developed a quarterly 'Mobility Service Guide', which provides detailed insight into the services each company is offering, their partners, key stakeholders, technical requirements, latest announcements, as well as expert analysis on the strengths and weaknesses of each solution. 

Opportunities and approaches for automotive OEMs in mobility

With mobility service profits unlikely in the short term, the automotive industry's aims are more aligned to gaining market share and building brand awareness for the long term, whilst learning about how people want to move and how to deliver a great user experience. 'Opportunities and approaches for automotive OEMs in mobility' analyses the various approaches that service operators and OEMs are taking in shared mobility services, and defines a high level roadmap to service maturity which has scalability, utilization and profitability as its key stages.

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