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Data Monetization
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Data Monetization
Strategies for the Connected Car

Data monetization - a victory for
OEMs and consumers?

The right way to look at the data monetization opportunity...

What should OEMs
do next?

Data monetization - creating a victory for OEMs and consumers

Data monetization, the practice of using data to derive revenue, can take many forms.  From the immediate return of selling data directly to 3rd parties for a fee, to the long-term practice of providing value-add services for free in the hopes of increasing repeat purchases, OEMs currently have a great opportunity to capitalize on data monetization use cases, as they have direct access to the full set of vehicle data and access to the customer.

Where OEMs aren't able to provide a service, they can choose to sell the data directly to 3rd parties, or offers services to the customer in partnership with the 3rd parties.

The right way to look at the data monetization opportunity…

Data monetization is a controversial term, as there is a fear that the lure of additional revenue may cause OEMs to forget their number one priority - creating happy and loyal consumers. An organization that prioritizes revenue generation (i.e. monetization) over customer satisfaction will damage their brand image .

However, SBD believes that, by charging third parties for access to vehicle data, new and useful connected services can be created. This could include enabling trunk delivery, turn-key UBI, predictive traffic alerts, predictive maintenance scheduling or lease value maximization. Services like these are likely to be appreciated by the customer, and will promote greater loyalty. 

What should OEMs do next?

Data Monetization - Strategies for the Connected Car provides an in-depth analysis of the data monetization trends shaping the industry, with recommendations for how to navigate those trends.

Quickly understand data monetization strategies by region, manufacturer, platform and service provider, helping you to make informed strategy decisions.

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