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Automotive Operating System research report

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Automotive Operating Systems and Connected Infotainment Service Platforms
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Making the right OS decisions

The advent of smartphone projection platforms resulted in a paradigm shift for consumers. Instead of disjointed experiences between the vehicle and the rest of their digital lives, the expectation now is that mobility and the in-vehicle experience is just another step in their digital journey, keeping the apps, services, and experiences that they are used to with their mobile phones. 

This has left OEMs facing a difficult question. Should they side with the silicon superpowers? Or work with the many traditional automotive infotainment service providers and Tier 1s that have been investing heavily in applications and services?

Automotive manufacturers are now picking sides

Some are working with the tech giants – Google, Amazon, and Alibaba being three of the most active – in order to modernize their infotainment experiences.

Others, such as Toyota, are investing in open source projects such as Automotive Grade Linux while increasingly investing in their own digital engineering expertise in order to attempt to become a technology and services conglomerate in their own right.

Many others are stuck somewhere in the middle – looking for the right mix of disruptive technology while attempting to manage the associated supplier risk. 

Automotive OS choices are bringing a wave of disruption to the industry

In this new report, SBD's Car IT Team comprehensively profiles the modern infotainment ecosystems from the ground up: system on chip (SoC) & silicon vendors, automotive tier 1s, operating systems, and the various ecosystems surrounding infotainment supporting digitally-oriented consumer experiences.

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Out now!

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