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 OTA Update Ecosystem

New research report

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The Automotive Over-The-Air Update Ecosystem 
New for 2020

OTA has positively disrupted the automotive industry

As vehicle platforms modernize, perhaps the most important technology enabler is the ability to remotely update software and firmware on the vehicle’s electronic components. Colloquially attributed as Over-The-Air (OTA) updates, this technology was first widely used by Tesla with the launch of the Model S in 2012.

Ten years later, by 2022, all global OEMs will have integrated some level of remote software update technology to their vehicle platform portfolio.

An ecosystem of opportunity for OEMs

When done well, a vehicle with OTA completely changes the dynamic of the relationship between the automaker and the customer.

With well-designed customer touchpoints, allowing for simple configurability while setting clear expectations on functionality, customers can often be delighted by surprising new features. This further creates opportunities for monetization of new services, or perhaps monetization of the OTA service itself if enough value is created for the user.

How to identify OTA opportunities

This report, new for 2020, provides a 360-degree view of how OTA updates are disrupting the automotive industry, including both OEM and supplier activities and perspectives, as well as deep insights on regulatory activities, industry organizations, overall risks, forecasts, and trends.

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