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Connected Services Guide - Report Editions

OEM 'Global' View Edition

This annual companion report analyses select OEMs from the Regional and Country Editions to give you the global view

Regional Editions
- core reports -

The backbone of the Connected Services Guide, these regional reports provide an in-depth quarterly snapshot of the current connected car landscape, focusing on connectivity enabled by OEMs at the factory.

Country Editions

The annually released country guides update you on feature roll-outs in markets of interest

OEM 'Global' View
-Annual release

This annual report gathers key data from the quarterly China, Europe and US trackers, as well as the annual Rest of World trackers into one report, providing a global context for selected OEMs. This report is intended as a companion to these regional trackers.

Regional Markets
-Quarterly release

The flagship reports of the Connected Services Guide, these regional editions provide a highly detailed snapshot of their market, allowing readers to quickly understand the connected service offerings of OEMs in the area. Covering -

North America

Country Markets
-Annual release

Gain insight into the connected offerings of OEMs selling vehicles in these markets of interest. 

Individual reports are available for each of the following countries.

Australia                 Malaysia
Brazil                       Republic of Korea
Canada                    United Arab Emirates
India                         Russia
Japan                       Thailand

Frequently asked questions

Which reports are included?

The Connected Services Guide subscription contains the 3 Regional editions, 10 Country editions, and the global report that ties them all together.

Many of these can be purchased individually for a snapshot of an individual market, but the Connected Services Guide subscription is the only way to see the whole picture.

If you would like to update your existing Connected Services report subscription to include the Country reports and the Global report, contact us below.

Can you directly help my company with our regional connected service offerings ?

Of course. SBD Automotive's Connected Car specialists have a long history of helping OEMs and Tier 1s to find the right strategy for their overall technology goals, both at regional and global levels.

How can I get in touch?

You can contact the SBD sales team using the button below.