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Just how secure are the latest
smart entry & start systems?

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OEMs have released vehicles with smartphone key technology.

Is it secure enough for mass market rollout?

Does anyone actually want to unlock their car with a smartphone?

We've surveyed over 600 people to find out.

Relay Attack countermeasures are finally here.

Do they stop attacks or just slow them?

Smartphone Key System Testing - Updated Version

Vehicles can now be unlocked and started with a smartphone, making life easier for an owner and simplifying car share services, but while this is seen as more convenient for the user, is it secure?

SBD Automotive has been testing the two main communication technologies used for smartphone key systems, BLE and NFC, on the Tesla Model 3 and the Mercedes-Benz A-Class and S-Class.

Future Vehicle Key
User Survey

OEMs are looking at innovative methods for accessing and starting vehicles. Users can unlock their car with their phone, and soon with their watch, fingerprint, even their face! But, do they want to? Has a key in the pocket really been that much of an inconvenience?

SBD Automotive decided to find out. We conducted a survey of the views of both private owners, car share users and fleet operators towards the current access systems fitted to their vehicles, and how open they are towards Smartphone Keys, Wearables, Facial Recognition and Fingerprint Recognition.

Relay Attack
Countermeasure Testing

The ease of relay attacks has become a significant problem for OEMs. Over the last decade, the number of vehicles susceptible to relay attack has increased significantly, while the cost of relay attack tools has dropped as they have become more widely available online.  

Media coverage of this issue continues to grow and it is vital that OEMs take relay attack countermeasures seriously. SBD Automotive has tested the latest systems to arrive on the market in the Mercedes-Benz A Class, and the Land Rover Discovery, analysing their effectiveness.

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Which reports are included in this

The bundle includes Smartphone Key System Testing, Relay Attack Countermeasures Testing, and the Future Vehicle Key User Survey, interviewing over 600 users (private, car share, and fleet operators) in the UK, USA and China.  All of these reports are now available.

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