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Electronic Architecture
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Evolution and technology drivers for next-generation E/E architectures
New for 2020

'State of the art'

E/E architecture decisions made now will be a vital part of meeting the autonomous, connected and mobility expectations of consumers 5-10 years from now.

From evolutionary decisions around domain controllers, hypervisors, OTA and gateways, to step-changes including Service-Orientated Architecture (SOA), ethernet backbone and zonal architectures, OEMs face critical decisions on if, how and when to adopt these next generation technologies in their future models, both volume and premium.

Technical solutions

To help explain the features, functions and attributes of emerging E/E architecture solutions, and how they relate to the entire CASE design space, SBD Automotive is creating Evolution and Technology Drivers for Next-Generation Electrical and Electronic Architectures for the 2020 Report Series to inform, clarify and support your strategic E/E decisions.

Are you on the right E/E architecture path?

How do you make architectural decisions that allow you to deliver great experiences that can be added to year-on-year, without carrying inefficient utility and cost to every vehicle made?

How does your electrical architecture, with its multi-year development and life, keep up with consumer expectations set by the far shorter consumer electronics lifecycle?

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