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SBD Automotive presents

Mobility at a Crossroads

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A complimentary virtual thought leadership event
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Assessing shared mobility beyond the impact of COVID-19

As the future of shared mobility takes center stage in the media, SBD Automotive will provide answers to your most relevant questions:

What is the future of shared mobility? What role does the gig economy play? Has autonomous mobility been accelerated due to current events? What is the role of the dealer in all of this? 

Join our mobility leaders and esteemed expert guests for an informative and collaborative discussion on where shared mobility is headed next.  

Session Agenda

SBD Keynote:
•  Mo Al-Bodour, Head of Shared Mobility – SBD Automotive

Fleet Management:
•  Erminio Di Paola, VP Product Management - Head of Industry Products – HERE
•  Dean Phillips, Worldwide Technical Leader for Automotive – Amazon Web Services (AWS)
•  Moderator: Lee Colman, Head of Connected Car - SBD Automotive

Autonomous Mobility:
•  Jack Weast, Sr. Principal Engineer - Intel
•  Edwin Olson, CEO & Founder - May Mobility
•  Moderator: Howard Abbey, Autonomous Car Specialist - SBD Automotive

Dealer Mobility:
•  Lea Malloy, Head of Research and Development - Cox Automotive
•  Mark Thomas, VP of Marketing & Strategic Alliances - Ridecell
•  Moderator: Jeffrey Hannah, Director, North America - SBD Automotive

Gig Economy:
•  Harry Campbell, Founder - The Rideshare Guy
•  Brian Allan, Senior VP & Strategic Partnerships- HyreCar
•  Moderator: Mo Al-Bodour, Head of Shared Mobility - SBD Automotive

Hosted by:
SBD Automotive

SBD automotive is a global independent research and consultancy firm specializing in connected car, shared mobility, autonomous driving, and vehicle cybersecurity. SBD further specializes in shared mobility with a team of experts actively involved in shaping the future of mobility business models, shared services, and exceptional consumer experiences.

SBD provides automotive technology research and consulting services to over 95% of automotive OEMs globally and a majority of leading suppliers and service providers.