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Overcoming Barriers
to EV Adoption
New for 2021

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Overcoming Barriers to EV Adoption
Consumer attitudes (with survey), key drivers, and future solutions
2021 Edition

As EVs become cheaper to produce and the purchase premium continually falls, incentives and price will be less dominant in the consumer purchase decision, but cost is only one of many factors that play an important role in the purchase decision.

Barriers to purchasing include range anxiety, styling, lack of charging infrastructure, and sustainable production of EV components. These concerns are beginning to come to the front of consumers’ minds and influence purchase decisions, causing them to continue buying conventional (ICE) vehicles even when price is not a primary driver.

Features & Benefits

  • Explains the traditional market drivers and barriers to EV adoption, using SBD’s primary research to provide context and detail around each.

  • Assesses the results of the consumer survey in the context of each market driver and barrier to understand if the traditional view of market drivers and barriers are indeed fact or fiction.

  • Understand the root causes of key results from the survey, focusing on those that challenge our initial hypotheses and those that have a disproportionate affect on specific markets.

  • Explains the best strategies for automakers, governments, and other industries to eliminate barriers to EV adoption and leverage existing market drivers.

Watch our EV Survey Results Webinar

Join Robert Fisher, author of Overcoming Barriers to EV Adoption, and Head of EV Technologies at SBD Automotive, in this webinar as he highlights top level results from SBD's recent survey of 3,600 EV-owning and ICE-owning consumers, and answers audience questions.

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