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Automotive Operating System research report

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Electrical/Electronic Architecture
Operating Systems
Over-The-Air Updates

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Evolution and technology drivers for next generation E/E-architectures

Automotive Operating Systems and Connected Infotainment Service Platforms

Automotive Over-The-Air
Updates Ecosystem

Next-generation E/E-architectures

From evolutionary decisions around domain controllers, hypervisors, OTA and gateways, to step-changes including Service-Orientated Architecture (SOA), ethernet backbone and zonal architectures, OEMs face critical decisions on if, how and when to adopt these next-generation technologies in their future models, both volume and premium.

To help explain the features, functions and attributes of emerging E/E architecture solutions, and how they relate to the entire CASE design space, SBD Automotive has created Evolution and Technology Drivers for Next-Generation Electrical and Electronic Architectures.

Automotive Operating Systems

The advent of smartphone projection platforms resulted in a paradigm shift for consumers. Instead of disjointed experiences between the vehicle and the rest of their digital lives, the expectation now is that mobility and the in-vehicle experience is just another step in their digital journey, keeping the apps, services, and experiences that they are used to with their mobile phones.

In this report, SBD's Car IT Team comprehensively profiles the modern infotainment ecosystems from the ground up: system on chip (SoC) & silicon vendors, automotive tier 1s, operating systems, and the various ecosystems surrounding infotainment supporting digitally-oriented consumer experiences.

Automotive Over-The-Air Updates Ecosystem

As vehicle platforms modernize, perhaps the most important technology enabler is the ability to remotely update software and firmware on the vehicle’s electronic components. Colloquially attributed as Over-The-Air (OTA) updates, this technology was first widely used by Tesla with the launch of the Model S in 2012. Ten years later, by 2022, all global OEMs will have integrated some level of remote software update technology to their vehicle platform portfolio.

In this report, SBD provides a 360-degree view of how OTA updates are disrupting the automotive industry, including both OEM and supplier activities and perspectives, as well as deep insights on regulatory activities, industry organizations, overall risks, forecasts, and trends.

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