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Smartphone Key

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Smartphone Key Systems Evaluation - BMW X5 
New for 2020

This report is part of a series of smartphone key system evaluation reports by SBD. In this report, we evaluate the latest BMW NFC Digital Key system - this is the first fully developed and integrated OEM smartphone key system to include a key sharing feature available in Europe.

OEMs and suppliers believe there is a high consumer demand for more connected services. The ability for a user to operate their car with a smartphone, will allow further integration of the vehicle into their digital lifestyle.

In the medium-to-long term, smartphone key systems will enable car sharing and mobility services and support emerging use-cases, such as parcel delivery to your vehicle.

Convenience vs security

There is always a trade off between security and convenience and smartphone key is no exception. OEMs choosing to go down the BLE route are generally taking more risks in terms of security. 

As vehicle smartphone key systems become more widely available, OEMs need to look at what features they want to provide ...and the risks involved. 

Which systems are most secure?

This report series studies the latest available smartphone key systems, covering registration processes, functionality, and security strengths and weaknesses for the smartphone-to-vehicle communications and key sharing.

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