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Automotive Surveys & Market Research

Knowing what consumers want from their connected car

Choosing the right survey method

"The key is using the right tools at the right time"

Connected Car & Mobility Consumer Survey

Throughout the year, SBD carries out multiple global consumer studies for clients focused on understanding consumer viewpoints related to Connected Car service offerings and associated features.

This research report, available now, is aimed at providing effective data and analysis to help quantify preferences and propensity to purchase or use connected car features and services, including new mobility schemes across three core markets.

Choosing the right survey method

You have questions you need answered...  

Do you - 
        just Google it?
        throw together a quick Survey Monkey?
        use an automotive market research team?
        buy off-the-shelf data?

It really depends on three major factors -  your question, the amount of time you have to spend, and whether you need to be able to build actionable strategies from that data. Find out more about choosing the right methods in our free survey summary below.

"The key is using the right tools at the right time"

Depending on the outcome you’re looking for, it’s important to know not just how you’re going to use the information, but specific way you are going to extract the insights from the data.

Knowing this from the outset will determine the way you go about designing the entire survey, and whether you should use something like Survey Monkey yourself or gett a Specialist Consumer Research team (like the one at SBD) to develop a bespoke survey from the ground up.

Any questions?

Getting the right answers, at the right time, in the right way, is difficult. To find out if you're getting the right answers , send our Market Research Team an email below